We tend to give a lot of importance to negative thoughts because of the effects they have on us, hence the importance of learning to manage them.

Some of these thoughts that invade us on a daily basis are insecurity, doubts, self-destruction, hatred, resentment, failure…

With Mindfulness attitudes it is about turning those negative thoughts into positive, or at least neutral thoughts.
It is about remembering that thoughts come and go, appear and leave, and are mental constructs, products of our minds that do not have to define us, and that in fact, many times, are not even real.

Mindfulness mechanisms to manage negative thoughts:

➣ Exposure: observing, without judgment, painful sensations in order to reduce discomfort associated with pain and emotional reactivity. Being aware that sensations are not permanent to allow for greater experiential openness and freedom in decision-making.

➣ Sustained attention: Full attention maintained to improve acceptance of negative emotional states, without trying to avoid or run away from them. To improve your tolerance.

➣ Cognitive changes: Full attention modifies the way one relates to their own thoughts. By becoming aware of thoughts and the effects they would have on one’s life, one gains freedom from them.

➣ Self-management: Training full attention improves self-observation and promotes the use of skills in decision-making and in the way of dealing with things

Mindfulness. Gestionar pensamientos negativos. Paula Moreno