Often people in organizations lack focus on what is important.

Short-termism and emergencies determine the main way of managing, with the disastrous consequences that this implies for individual and organizational performance.

Mindfulness develops the necessary mental clarity that allows us to eliminate the superfluous, and focus on what is truly important.


With mental clarity, one can focus on the long term, which often coincides with the truly important actions and decisions.

This raises the gaze, to have more perspective, more vision, and to be able to anticipate and generate a more powerful vision and a more productive direction for the organization.

Mindfulness y trabajo. Enfocar. Paula Moreno
Mindfulness y trabajo.Inteligencia emocional


The ability to regulate our emotions is an essential skill.
Without emotional balance, good decisions cannot be made.

Emotional intelligence and stress management are developed through Mindfulness thanks to systematic training of our brain to be more aware of our emotions, and to be able to manage and channel them towards effective behaviors imbued with greater empathy and influence.

Through Mindfulness, our brain is trained to eliminate the mental noise that stuns, confuses and blocks us at all times. To do this, you have to connect with intuition (connection with what we really feel and want).

It is the language of the heart, of our emotions.
The connection with what can only be heard in silence and in connection with oneself.


Mindfulness enhances cognitive flexibility, which implies being flexible and adapting to a constantly changing reality.

Manage uncertainty and not cling to “ways of doing” or protocols of the past that can limit the growth of a company.

Today, if a professional is not flexible in the face of changes, they are doomed to fail in their career and severely limit their team and company.

Mindfulness y trabajo. Creatividad


It is impossible to innovate with a mind full of noise and at full speed.

When Mindfulness is practiced, the mind calms down, pauses, like a troubled pond that calms down until the surface is totally still, smooth.

It is then when we can see the bottom, and only then realize the gold nugget at the bottom of the pond that we could not see before.

By frequently resetting our brain, we make room for the new to come in and we can innovate.