What does it mean?

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The translation is complex, but the word “Mindfulness” could be defined as “full awareness” or “awareness of the present moment.”

Focused on the body and the knowledge of modern psychotherapy and medicine, Mindfulness combines concepts of Zen Buddhist meditation, Hatha yoga.

However, it does not have any cultural or religious framework.

What does it consist of?

En qué consiste el Mindfulness Paula Moreno

In learning to focus the mind consciously, in living the experience of the present moment, without preconceived ideas, without making judgments, and free of all expectations.

It’s about experiencing life, not running through it. Focus on the here and now, without labeling it, without adding “this shouldn’t be like this”, “I should feel this way”, and without expectations, without expecting anything.

Simply receiving the experience of the present as it is.

Of course, there will be times when acceleration is present and even necessary or beneficial. But it is about also being able to have moments of calm, harmony, peace, and simply observing the present moment.

What is it for?

Para que sirve el Mindfulness Paula Moreno

➣ Regulation of the body
Physical and mental adaptation to face changes in the environment
➣ Tuning
Ability to be in harmony with ourselves, our body and with others
➣ Emotional balance
Govern our emotions, being us who manage them and not the other way around
➣ Calm fear
Avoiding panic and anxiety attacks to increase self-confidence
➣ Control the situation
Ability to pause, stop, think before deciding what to do, before taking action. Know how to handle the situation that arises at any time
➣ Introspection capacity
See the cause-effect relationship in our life
➣ Foster empathy
Being able to better understand others from a point of view different from our own
➣ Be more decisive
Have more capacity for intuition and to find new, creative, alternative solutions
➣ Morality
Act in harmony with our values ​​and the set of social norms