Face-to-face therapy

In the face-to-face consultation, a comfortable and confidential therapeutic environment is created.

In my Mental Health team I have psychologists for psychometric tests or specific therapies.

My face-to-face consultation is in Estepona and San Pedro de Alcántara, in Málaga.

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Online Therapy

If you cannot travel to my office or prefer to do it from your home, you can carry out your session remotely by requesting an appointment online.

The therapy will be through videoconference, by Skype.

It’s practical, it’s private and of course, professional.


Addiction or dual pathology program

In the treatment of dependence on substances such as alcohol or cocaine, it is advisable to keep the patient away from risk factors for consumption.

For this, in some cases, an admission is required during the first phases of the recovery process to ensure their physical health during the detoxification phase and also to lay the foundations for a total change in lifestyle, which promotes abstinence from long term.

Mental Health Program

For people with more severe symptoms or have limited daily life.

The objective is a proper diagnosis with appropriate treatment so that the patient can regain control of his or her life as soon as possible.

Wellness program

Created to escape from stress and recover a healthy balance in the physical, emotional and cognitive level.We have the option of a rural house, with all the comforts, surrounded by nature, food from our own garden and beautiful views.

We also have a wellness center option, with swimming pools, spa, and a very pampered diet. The visit guidelines and the development of each program will be personalized and adapted to each patient.

Mental Health Paula Moreno

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It consists of carrying out tests, scales and other procedures of proven validity and reliability, with the aim of measuring and quantifying psychological variables that help in the process of evaluating the person.

Today it is easy to find online tools that supposedly analyze our personality or our state of mind, etc.

You have to be very careful because not all of them are reliable or have scientific validity, and you also have to know how to interpret their results.

Genetic analysis doctor Paula Moreno

Genetic analysis

The response of each person to medication is very diverse, both in the therapeutic effect and in the risk of presenting adverse effects.

Pharmacogenetics helps to identify the most appropriate medication for the patient through DNA analysis from a saliva sample, maximizing the probability of therapeutic efficacy and minimizing the risks of suffering side effects.

We offer different genetic analysis packs that study the response to antidepressant, anxiolytic, hypnotic, antipsychotic and antiepileptic drugs.

Complementary Medicine and Mindfulness

A series of different practices of traditional Western medicine, which claim to have beneficial properties for health, are grouped under this concept.

Among those that have scientifically proven to have beneficial properties, we find acupuncture, yoga, or “mindfulness”, which have shown their ability to reduce stress, anxiety, irritability, depression, insomnia, migraines, chronic pain and rheumatic diseases, among other properties.

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