Goal: to quit smoking once and for all and forever

We all know how harmful smoking is and the negative effects it has on our health, even for passive smokers.

You won’t find the long list of benefits of quitting smoking here either, you’d better experience them for yourself.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been smoking, how many times you’ve tried to quit, or if you’ve never even considered it.

Come to my office and let’s talk about it and see what we can do together.

Tratamiento dejar de fumar Paula Moreno Psiquiatra

If you are eligible for treatment, there is a drug that replaces the current ones, it is financed by the Spanish Social Security and also reduces the withdrawal syndrome, so it will be easier to maintain your life without smoking over time.

They have already managed to quit smoking

Luis, 31
Smoker of 15 cigarettes a day, he smokes his first cigarette after lunch. He came to the clinic with an express desire to help him quit smoking. He had been approached on previous occasions and had always rejected any attempt, to the point of considering himself a smoker who was proud of his habit.

Today the situation has changed; he confesses that his father has suffered a heart attack and that he is afraid that the same could happen to him.

Fifteen days after starting treatment, she reported a positive result for COVID-19, which did not prevent her from completing treatment.

Today he still does not smoke.

Male, 68 years old, comes with his daughter.

Smokes 30 cigarettes a day, daily consumption since the age of 18.
Recently diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) following the study of a chronic cough.

Smoker with a pathology clearly linked to consumption. It is a favourable time to quit smoking, so it is proposed to start treatment with behavioural support in consultation.

Although he is reluctant to use pharmaceuticals, he understands the current need to quit smoking.

Ten weeks after the end of treatment, the patient remains smoke-free and admits that he did not experience any adverse reactions.

He is upset that he did not make this decision earlier.

These are just two examples of the many patients who have managed to overcome addiction.

With pharmacological treatment and the support of my practice you have up to three times the chance of success.

You decide, you get it.