Addictions and dual pathology

Diagnosis and treatment

Over 200 million people worldwide use illicit drugs. The number increases considerably if we include tobacco or alcohol.

Use and abuse of substances such as alcohol, cocaine or cannabis are associated with numerous mental and neurological illnesses as well as having negative social consequences: family conflicts, break-ups, problems at work, economic losses, risky behavior…

Substance dependence has a multifactorial origin:

La dependencia a sustancias tiene un origen multifactorial: environmental, biological, genetic and psychosocial factors are involved.

And what’s dual pathology? This applies to those individuals that suffer from substance dependence and they also present a mental illness. This association might overlap in time, or not. If you wish to know more about dual pathology, check Dr. Moreno’s article about it here.

With Dr. Moreno and the detox programs we can help you put your life back on track.

In other cases, there are non-substance-related addictions. These involve addiction to certain behaviors, such as web surfing, working, playing videogames, and so on.

The advance of new technologies is giving rise to new addictive behaviors, to a point where WHO (World Health Organization) has considered to include the “Gaming disorder” in the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11).

If you tend to play more time than you initially planned or expected, if you stop doing other activities such as school homework or work duties or even stop socializing, if you think about a game even when you’re at work or doing other activities, you might have a gaming disorder. If you think you or any loved-one might have it, don’t hesitate to make an appointment. Dr. Moreno has wide knowledge in the field, and certain therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy have shown to be effective.