About Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT): ECT, often misnamed and known as “electroshock”, is a highly effective technique for complex cases where other treatments have failed, especially useful in resistant depression, and severe and acute cases of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. It is important to demystify it and understand its true potential.

Despite its efficacy and safety, ECT still faces obstacles to equal access in some areas of Malaga. In the Hospital Civil and the Hospital San Juan de Dios it is most accessible, but in other centres its use is exceptional, such as in the Hospital Virgen de la Victoria, which is surprising, given that it is a public hospital and should offer effective treatments proven by current science. Why this disparity? The influences of some political, social and pseudo-scientific currents, such as anti-psychiatry, have contributed to a misperception of ECT. It is essential to be well informed and to base our opinions on scientific evidence.

I highly recommend reading the rigorous analysis of my professor, Dr. Calcedo, on this therapy. It is important to have an informed and unbiased opinion.

The article is available here: https://www.alfredocalcedo.net/post/desmontando-criticas-tec

Interestingly, his first bibliographic citation is about a study by Dr. Rafael Braga and his team in New York, whom I hold in high esteem and with whom I had the opportunity to spend a few months training. There I was able to visit the impressive ECT unit where treatments are performed daily, and clinical trials are conducted.

On the other hand, during my training period in Mallorca, TEC was also carried out several times a week and I myself was able to put it into practice during the 4 years of my residency. It is a relatively simple technique of short duration (just a few minutes), so if it is not applied more in our area it is not for lack of means, but for lack of will.

For equitable access to scientifically proven treatments!

Note: remember that, apart from ECT, the only approved treatment in Spain for resistant depression is intranasal esketamine. I also have experience of use and training with this treatment, which is extremely safe and simple to apply. The main problem with it is its high price, as it came onto the market relatively recently, and its access to Social Security funding is extremely limited.


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