Eating disorders

Diagnosis and treatment

Anorexia nervosa, bulimia and binge-eating disorder are part of the eating disorders group.

Except for the most severe cases, in which there are very significant weight changes, eating disorders can be difficult to diagnose. The reason for this, is that commonly, individuals suffering from this disorder don’t seek help, usually due to an extreme fear of weight gain, even if they are underweight, and/or because they feel ashamed.

Besides the negative consequences on physical health, these disorders involve a huge emotional distress and suffering, with a suicide rate in the case of anorexia of 12 per 100.000.

A specific training as a therapist is key in order to properly help these patients, as well as a multidisciplinary approach that includes psychotherapy.

Dr. Moreno has been working at a specific eating disorders unit at Son Espases Hospital, in Palma de Mallorca, and therefore has experience on this matter. If you think you or a loved one might have an eating disorder, don’t hesitate to make an appointment.