How to Combat Insomnia During Quarantine? – Dr. Paula Moreno Many people have been experiencing #insomnia lately, especially since we are in #quarantine due to the #coronavirus or #COVID-19.
#quarantine due to the #coronavirus or #COVID-19.

Individual sleep needs vary from person to person and change with age and other factors. Stress, worries, health problems, substance use, and abrupt changes in routines are often factors that affect our rest.

Having good #sleep hygiene is the first step in addressing insomnia. This means following a series of basic but essential measures to achieve quality sleep that allows us proper rest.

Maintain a sleep schedule (try to go to bed and wake up at roughly the same time).

Avoid long naps (no more than 30 minutes).

Avoid stimulating substances after 3 PM (coffee, tea, Red Bull, Coca-Cola… or other caffeine and taurine-containing substances). This obviously includes avoiding illegal stimulant substances (cocaine, amphetamines…).

Avoid heavy dinners. But don’t go to bed hungry either.

Avoid stimulating activities that activate the brain before bedtime (action movies, video games, stressful tasks…).

Avoid light at all costs (lower blinds, turn off phones or monitor lights, do not use digital alarm clocks that emit light).

Create a sleep-friendly environment: avoid noise, extreme temperatures (neither too cold nor too hot), use a good mattress.

Exercise during the day to be physically tired at night. But do not exercise at night, as it activates the brain.

If we have concerns on our mind, having a notepad on the nightstand to jot down tasks can help “park” them and disconnect until the next day. I deliberately say “notepad” to avoid using an electronic device with bright light that could keep us awake.

Do not stay in bed for more than 15 minutes if we are completely awake. Reserve the bed for when you are sleepy, and if you’re not, go to another room to do something relaxing with dim light until you feel sleepy.

If despite these measures, insomnia persists, you should consult a specialist.

If you have insomnia problems and would like to receive help, remember that I am still providing online consultations, and you can make an appointment by calling 688996798 or through Doctoralia


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